Wednesday, 8 June 2011

on route to stoke bruerne

Wednesday 9th June
we left our mooring at Simpson just b4 bridge 91 as i posted in last blog we stopped to go and see the Buddhist temple and really is worth a look at they are very welcoming left there just after lunch and heading for Wolverton for bank on the way we saw this modern art
after going over Grafton street aqueduct we went round the corner to be faced with some more wall art

we moored up for the night just after bridge 71 very nice modern flats  and nice moorings

Milton keynes Buddhist temple

today we stopped at 81a and walk to the Milton Keynes Buddhist temple it really is worth a visit if you in the area only 5min walk from the canal
i have put the photo in a album for you to look at hope you enjoy

Milton keynes

today i went for a walk round a part of Milton Keynes called tinkers bridge and came across some wall art makes a change from Griffie below is a link to some photos of it

i like the Alice and wonderland ones

old pages