Monday, 24 December 2012


Wishing all our Family ,Friends, boating Friends , and to all out blog readers


Hope to see you in 2013

we are still very much enjoying our new lives on the canals and rivers
 like this
below are some photos of  our year on Go For It

whitchurch DEC 2012
Llangollen canal Nov 2012

 Llangollen canal Nov 2012
Wheelock Oct 2012

Wheelock Oct 2012

 Middlewich Oct 2012
Manchester Sept 2012
 Manchester Sept 2012

 New Islington Sept 2012
Peak Forest canal Sept 2012

Peak Forest canal Sept 2012
 New Mills Sept  2012

 WRG Camp Chesterfield canal Aug 2012

WRG camp Chesterfield canal Aug 2012

WRG camp Chesterfield canal Aug 2012
WRG camp Cromford canal Aug 2012
WRG camp Cromford canal Aug 2012
Higher Poyton July 2012
Macclesfield canal July 2012
Congleton July 2012
 Mow Cop June 2012

 Harecastle Tunnel June 2012
 Caldon canal June 2012

 Leek tunnel June 2012

 Caldon canal in flood June 9th 2012
Etruria Festival June 2012
Etruria Festival June 2012


Etruria Festival June 2012

NMA  May

 Gas St Birmingham May

Birmingham and Fazley canal April

 WRG BCN clean up  April
 WRG Easter camp Chesterfield canal March
WRG Easter camp Chesterfield canal March
 sawley cut  March
 uncle Bobby March
 Feb 2012

 Ellesmere Feb/Jan 2012

 Llangollen canal Jan 2012
 RIP Ken you are very sadly missed xx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Whitchurch on the Llangollen

hi all i know i have not posted a update on out blog for while and would like to apologise for this

so what have we been doing over the past few weeks ,  we headed for Ellesmere and topped up with food from tesco  and collect some fire wood from the local woods  , we were thinking what we were going to do for the winter   when i saw a add for a new Sainsburys was going to open in whitchurch and they were looking for workers  so Tina and myself  filled in the application on line and to our suprise we got offer jobs   so we had to head back to Whitchurch for the intviews  and got job offers  so we looked around for mooring and found out that whitchurch arm  trust offered winter mooring at a very reasonable price ,

this is view from our boat

the lift bridge is on the Llangollen canal
 it was good to see Chas and Ann of NB Moore 2 life
so we going to be here for the winter and while we are here going to earn a few pounds

Monday, 12 November 2012

Back on blog

Hello all , to all that follow us on here sorry we not updated much lately last post was 1st of Oct so over a month  , so what has happen to us over the last month

we stayed at High lane for a few days as a boating friend was on his own and doing his kitchen up and i gave him a hand  also the engine on the boat had done 2000hours so had to do a service  while at high lane i had a phone call from my ex boss asking if i would help him out for a couple of weeks while he went on holiday and i said yes i could  this was going to on the 13th Oct ,  on the 8th of October we left High land heading for Wheelock , on the 10th Oct was Tina and mine 25th wedding anniversary so we went for a meal  at the Rising sun in scholar green  we had a very good meal and if anyone in the area should check it out

On Friday we got to wheelock and found a nice mooring , Tina stayed on the boat while i went back to Reading to help ex boss out

while at wheelock a man was walking his bird of prey a Harris hawk

After two weeks away from the boat i was glad to be back and on Sunday 27th Oct we set off again
heading for the Middlewich branch   when we got onto the middlewich  we saw our friends boat
we heading for the Llangollen canal which is where we going to winter out this year
below are some photos taken on a lovely sunny day on the llangollen canal in the autumn


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