Thursday, 5 June 2014

From the Brigewater canal to the Leeds and Liverpool canal

after a few days of lovely countryside and great views we  heading towards the towns of sale and Stretford some of the old factory still stand   below is a the Linotype works dating for 1897

 great brickwork on these old building

 then this is the new  is it spouse to look like a boat ?

 more old buildings

this is the way to Manchester

this is the Vortex sculpture at water meeting

 Manchester Ship canal

 swing bridge over the Manchester ship canal

 this is the Barton swing Aqueduct over the ship canal   not sure when it was last used

 there people who use these scooter should take more care

 yes this is a Lighthouse on the canal

 this is taken at Worsley 

 this is Astley colliery

 this is a small train engine they use down the mines

 steam engine it was very large

 this is the water womble that goes along the bridgewater canal picking up the rubbish what a good job they do

 this was a old mill in Leigh

 this is were the steam engine would have been

 the chimney with Butts on the top

 yes we just about to go onto the Leeds and Liverpool canal

 someone made some art out of some old lock gates

 this is swing bridge at Plank lane

 this is the start of the Wigan locks 21 in total  it say open 1816 oct 22

 the leaning tower of wigan ( no trick photo)

 wigan church

 now that is what a call a log pile  just ready for the winter  (john dance bet you got that amount now )

 saw this kestrel just as we moored up

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